Camps in the Caribbean

Someone just asked about how camps are for us…They are certainly different here in the
Caribbean.  Usuallly they are held at a school so everyone either
sleeps on the floor or pushes the desks, chairs, benches together to
form beds.  Everything is very basic but a good time is had by all.  I
haven’t actually participated in any camps while here in Haiti.  I did
in Antigua, both a youth camp (only went over for 2 days) and Home
League camp.  The ladies like to use the camp as a way to travel to
other islands.  I went with them once to St. Kitts, an island very near
Antigua.  Then one of the days they went over to Nevis (its a 2 island
nation..St. Kitts and Nevis) to tour the island and go to a botanical
garden they have there.  It was fun.

One of our officer friends here, Capt. Monael Many,  recently had a
youth “camp” at another corps near us during the holiday for Carnival
(the time surrounding Mardi Gras – Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). They
used the SA school compound for sleeping, eating and the meetings.  He
asked us to come and talk to the young people about sexually
transmitted diseases (particularly AIDS).  We had some material on a CD
from an AIDS training course that we incorporated into Felix’s Biblical
material.  I think that it was well received.  We were asked by another
corps to present material on conquering sexual passions so we were able
to use the same material.

Next weekend will be Youth Councils in our area.  (We have 3 in
Haiti.)  They will be using the SA school here in Fond-des-Negres for
housing and the meetings.  The corps who are nearby will probably
commute.  The Training College principal will be the special guest and
there is also someone from THQ in Atlanta coming.

The Salvation Army also has a camp facility just north of
Port-au-Prince that is used for more formal Divisional camps and
training.  It has actual dorms with bunkbeds, a kitchen area with an
open dining patio, toilets, shower rooms and a chapel.  There is a
corps adjacent to the camp so I guess they can use the corps hall if
the meetings are too big for the smaller chapel.  They use that for
local officer training seminars, candidates preparation seminars and
the like.


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