Felix’s Mother’s Sister Helena

One of the special moments during our visit to Felix’s home town of
Igbo-Ukwu was to make contact with the two living sisters of his
mother.  His mother, Jimaimah, died when Felix was very
young.  So, meeting these two women was a way for me to make
connection with Felix’s heritage.  Here Felix is in conversation
with Helena in her family compound.

Helena’s children and grandchildren with Felix’s brother John (far left with Matthew) and us on the right.


5 responses to “Felix’s Mother’s Sister Helena

  1. I have subhsribed to your site because we have are stationed at a Multicultural Corps and a large  group comes from Haiti and the  other islands around there. Blessings on your  important Ministry there. Give the Busroes our regards.

  2. I was surfing today and came across your site.thank you for sharing your ministry as a SA Officer in Haiti.  Know that we have added you and your family to our prayer list..God bless you…

  3. Hi Violet and Felix. It’s so great to be in contact again. It looks like you’re doing well.  It’s great to hear the updates and especially to see the pictures. Matthew is just adorable.  🙂 

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