Venturing Off the Main Road

On Tuesday I
was able to go to Port-au-Prince (PAP) to do some shopping and to help
some officer friends apply for the renewal of their 5 yr old’s US
passport.  Also, our volunteer friend, Jack, from Canada was due
in for his bi-annual 3 month stay and I had agreed to pick him up for
the trip back to Fond-des-Negres (FDN), about 75 miles (3 to 4 hours
drive) southwest of PAP.

Jack got in ok and I did
really well on getting through my things-to-do-in-town list.  I
even got to see Steve and Ketsia in one of the grocery stores and got
to meet a new volunteer from Switzerland.  I smiled when they told
him that hardly anyone ventures out in the evening, since we are too
often on the road into the night.

It was getting late for our
return to FDN and we
still had to stop by one of the staff member’s houses, since we had
agreed to help him move his things back to FDN.  Daniel, our
driver, and I thought that it was just a few things that would only
take about 15 min. to load up and that he lived kind of close to the
road.  None of our assumptions proved to be true!  We turned
left (south) off of the main road in Carrefour and
went for about 15 min in and up onto the hillside.  Once by the
it took him and his friend at least an hour to load up the
things.  He
filled the back of the truck and had mattresses and a book shelf tied
to the roof!  All the time, it was getting darker and

Based on
the reactions of the people, not too many “blan” (foriegners,
whites)  venture this far off the
main road.  I had 15 children crowding around my window, staring
touching the “blan”. They were surprized that I understood and spoke
Kreole.  One older girl even tried out her couple of English
phrases on me and was pleased that she said them right. And, of course,
they all wanted me to give them “ti kob” (a little money).  I
get the one very persistant boy to accept the fact that I couldn’t very
well give him 5 gourdes and
not give them all 5 gourdes (75 gd).  In the end, I gave him the
two “pumkets” (little muffins)
we had left from our morning trip into town.

Well, by the time we were finished, it was 8 pm and even with the
advantage of the time change, it was really dark and lightening was
flashing.  I called Felix and told him that, even though Daniel was
willing to try to make the trip,  I didn’t want to attempt it.  We
ended up going to Ormiso, a guest house run by OMS, and, by the grace of God, were able to find
the gateman who let us in and called a woman to give us keys to two
rooms.  Daniel and the two guys went to Daniel’s uncle’s house nearby
and came for us the next morning at 5 am for the trip back.  Daniel had
to take the vaccination team out and so we had to get back by 9 am.

All’s well that ends well but
I wouldn’t want to repeat that any time soon.  What a way to
welcome Jack back from Canada!  He had plenty to write in his
journal that night.  Thanks for any of you who happened to be
praying for us Tuesday night (April 4th).


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  1. I remember those days…remember when you guys almost got killed bringing Jonathan home!  Yeah, I would’ve been mad about that. I’m glad God is good.

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