Officers’ Retreat

One thing that is similar to what we used to do in the
states is have Officers’ Retreat (Councils).  Due to the cost, we
do this only once a year and it is held the week after Easter. 
Some officers feel that this isn’t a good time but for me, it is the
best time for spiritual refreshment, coming just after proclaiming the
power of the resurrection to our people.

guests this year were Majors Vern and Martha J., who are leading the
Carolinas Division.  I knew them from Asbury so it was good to see
them again.  Also, since they are in the Carolinas, they know my
parents and aunt and uncle who are also there.  I was able to send
a little something to my Mom and my sister in Wilmington for their
April birthdays.

 Major Vern spoke on having God’s treasure in mudpots (us) so that
the awesome power of God would be evident.  This was very
encouraging, because often I feel like a very limited “mudpot”. 
Pray with me that God’s mighty power will shine forth in the service He
has given me at the clinic.

My birthday was during the retreat (3rd time it has fallen that way
since being here in Haiti).  Felix really did all the right things
to make the day special, starting with a heart-to-heart conversation on
how we are feeling about our responsibilities to each other, Matthew
and the clinic.  It seems like we never get the chance to really
talk.  Then, he polished my shoes before breakfast, and ran out to
the store in search of a beautiful birthday cake.  I wore one of
the dresses made for me in Nigeria, feeling very special.  At
lunch everyone sang happy birthday and I shared my cake with all the

Later, I called Matthew on the phone.  I asked him “What day is
today?”  He tentatively answered,  “Tomorrow?”  I burst
out laughing and said, “No, it’s my birthday.”  Then he sang a
perfect rendition of “Happy birthday, dear Mommy”. 

It doesn’t get any better than this.


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