Easter Weekend

Hope you had a blessed Easter.  I don’t know if its age or not being in
my “home culture” for the holidays, but I have had a hard time feeling
like I have “celebrated” the holidays lately.  Sometimes it is so hard
to get into the holidays with the absence of
all the “helps”…cross with white cloth draped on it, pots of Easter
lilies, Easter egg hunt, sunrise service followed by a corps breakfast,
etc. etc….

However, we were able to do some “Easter” things and reach out to others to share the Good News of the Resurrection…..

Earlier in the week, Matthew and I colored
about 120 eggs to give away to staff, hospitalized patients, those in
the TB ward and the children at Bethany Children’s Home. 
This is
not a tradition here so it is still very novel.  This was the first year
that Matthew was involved.

Matthew’s job was to put the
eggs on the spoon and tell me which color to put them in which was a
challenge for him since he doesn’t know his colors well yet. 
favorite color is “chartreuse”.  He learned that color on his
“Blue’s Clues” video.  I had to look it up to know how to spell
it!  🙂
  When it came
time to give them away, he said, “But they’re MY eggs!”  

We showed
“The Passion” in the clinic on Wed. before giving the eggs out.  On
Saturday, Felix and I went to the clinic’s TB sanatorium with the eggs and had a nice
devotional time with the folks there.  Then, all 3 of us went over to
Bethany with their eggs.  We were able to share devotions with them as
well using the plastic eggs that have the symbols of the Easter story
in each of the 12 eggs.  I really enjoyed what we did on Saturday.

Also, on Saturday, Majors Ron and Carol B. came by with Majors Vern and Martha
J., who were here for Officers’ Councils this past week.  Matthew was so
excited to show off his eggs that he grabbed the decorated basket off
of the dining room table and they all fell on the floor!  So much for
being able to give the visitors colored eggs!

I spent Sunday
afternoon, while Matthew and Felix were sleeping, on our roof (flat)
sitting in the shade of our almond tree reading a collection of Easter
meditations from SA writers.  That helped but I still miss the
supports to celebrating the holidays.    I received a
couple of e-cards which reminded me that the important thing is that
Redeemer liveth!

I trust that you are Easter People impacting the Good Friday world in which we live.


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  1. Matthew is so cute!  Tell him I say hi and I miss him!  I wish I could have helped decorate the eggs like last year!  Good thing Matthew has grown up to take my job.

  2. Oh–I am so glad you found me!  I love your site and all the pictures of your darling Matthew.  Thank you for sharing with us back in the homeland.  We’ll dig through the cupboards searching for your session mug too.  It’s only a thing, but I know how memories associated with things can brighten our day.  God bless you and your ministry.  I’ve always admired you!!!

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