Sitting Under the Almond Tree  

On our flat roof we have a little sitting area.  It
is one of my favorite places to go to do my devotions, especially if I
can get up early, before it gets to hot and all the shade is
gone.  We have a beautiful almond tree growing up alongside the
clinic and I sit gazing at it as I quiet my mind before the Lord. 
When I was reading in Exodus all the details on building the
tabernacle, I wondered why God used almond-shaped bowls everywhere (Ex
25 & 37).  Did they mean something special to the

Another reference to the almond tree is when the Israelites were
questioning why Moses and Aaron had been chosen to lead them.  God
had each family line give a rod which was put in the tabernacle
overnight.  In the morning, Levi’s (Aaron’s) rod “had not only
sprouted but had budded, blossomed and produced almonds” (Num.
17:8).  What a profound confirm
ation to God’s ordination.

The last reference I found to almond trees is in Jeremiah 1.  This
is the passage of the call of Jeremiah.  Like Moses, he was
focused on his limitations.  God proclaimed His
purpose for
Jeremiah and His
ability to accomplish this purpose.  When Jeremiah was asked what
he sees, he looked and said, “I see the branch of an almond tree.”
(v.11)  God replied “…I am watching (sounds like almond tree in
Hebrew) to see that my word is fulfilled.”

This morning I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I need
to get done.  My “to do” list never seems to get any shorter,
people are always at our door needing someth
ing, I still struggle with
balancing the demands of work, marriage, family, ministry….

In the midst of this, I looked at the branch of the almond tree that
was right in front of me.  It had blossoms and newly formed
almonds.  There was a bee going from blossom to blossom seeking
the nectar.  There were other clusters that weren’t as developed,
no flowers yet.  The bee couldn’t f
ind anything there and went on
its way.  The thought came to me that this is like we are…in
God’s time we grow and develop and give what He has given us to
give.  Some days there are no flowers, just new leaves. 
Other days, flowers full of nectar.  Other days developing almonds
that will yield full almonds in time.

The message that I received under the almond tree is simple: remain in
Him and, in His time, He will produce the fruit that is needed at just
the right time….even if I can’t be all things to all people all the
time!  God has ordained us for the
ministry He has called us to and He is watching to see that His word is fulfilled in our lives.   


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