Matthew’s 4th Birthday

Last Saturday, we had Matthew’s party. We had a beach trip with the CO (wife), Lucienne Aime and their two kids, Woodlin (11, girl) and Max (5, Matthew’s good friend).

We bought food (goat, rice and bean sauce, boiled green bananas, and tomatoes, at a local restaurant and ate at the beach. I made a carrot cake with the cream cheese frosting that turned out really good. The kids had lots of fun playing in the sand with Matthew’s bucket, shovel, rake, sifter and his new gift, a plastic funnel. The adults had fun playing dominos and surprisingly enough, I won!! (me 5 games, Lucienne 3,and Felix 1). I might even be getting the hang of this game finally. It is a caribbean mainstay.

Unfortunately, before Felix got to get in the water (he was keeping watch over our stuff while we played with the kids in the shallow water) and before we cut the cake, it started to rain. We left early and insisted that the Aimes come into our apartment for the singing, blowing out of the candles, sharing the cake and giving out gifts.

Since Lucienne and Woodlin also have April BD’s (18th and 4th) I had something for each of them and a little something for Max since I didn’t want him to feel left out. Matthew was so intent on helping Max take his gifts out of the gift bag that I had to give him his gift to distract him. He got four little books that have beginning French words and letters. But he was more interested in the package of Hallmark stickers!

(Felix and Matthew at the beach staying out of the rain in the clinic truck)

(Party guests: Woodlin, Lucienne, Max, Jean Eric and Jack)

He also got some books I ordered from on African and African-American stories and folklore.  When we finally got mail from PAP, he got some books and puzzles sent from family and friends.

Felix preached at FDN corps Sunday morning. I went with Matthew to take some BD cake to Mayotte, the lady who cook for us (and her 2 kids, Daniella and Joseline) since they’ve become like part of the family. They took in our cat, KC, when we went on vacation last October and since he wasn’t adapting well to clinic life, we decided to leave him there. I still buy his cat food since he doesn’t like to eat leftover food like a normal Haitian cat.

(Mayotte, Daniella, Matthew and KC)

It was a fun birthday and makes me realized how blessed we are to have Matthew in our family.


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  1. Happy Birthday to Matthew from his Aunty Tanya!!!  I remembered him on his special day (April 30… we share the same birthday, remember?!?!)  Wow, he’s growing up so fast!  Hope you are well.  I miss you.

  2. I can’t believe that Matthew is so old! This is more because I can’t believe that it has been so long since I was in Haiti. He is still so adorable!
    I’m glad that I’m able to hear from you… Haiti is still so close to my heart.

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