Haiti has a new President!

We just got through watching on TV the inaugaration of President René
Preval, the church Mass at the National Cathedral, and the ceremony of
Presidential possession at the National Palace.  The sermon at the
mass used Preval’s party’s name “Lespwa” (Kreol for hope), speaking of
hope for peace, hope for justice, hope for honesty, hope for
communication between people.

President Preval’s remarks at the palace reminded me of President Kennedy’s famous words, “Don’t ask what your country
can do for you.  Ask what YOU can do for your country!” 
Preval said that he wanted to speak “je a je” (eye to eye) with the
people.  The question before us is not “What is he going to do
now?” “Kisa l’ap fe kounye-a?” but “What are WE going to do now?” “Kisa
n’ap fe kounye-a?”  Communication and a dedication to building a
better Haiti are the keys to open the doors to progress.  He asked
that the UN consider exchanging their guns and tanks for bulldozers,
graders, and dumptrucks to rebuild the roads, water and drainage
systems, hospitals and schools.

Please pray for President Preval,  Please pray for the people of
Haiti.  Please pray for peace to return to this land and for a
future of people working together for the betterment ofall. 


(National Presidential Palace, Port-au-Prince, Haiti taken by Felix)


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  1. I was  just talking to some of our people today about your country and “their homeland” Both said they wanted to go back to visit their families but felt it was still too dangerous. Praying that peace will come and that things will improve there.

  2. Congratulations on the new president.  We are praying for lasting peace in your country.  Thanks for keeping us updated and posting pictures of your darling boy.  Isn’t it time for another soon?  No one should be an only child.

  3. Hello, you don’t know me but we are American Officers serving in Belize.  I’ve read your newsletter off of the Central THQ Website so I was pleased to stumble onto your Xanga site.  I’ve been praying for your ministry in Haiti and will continue to pray for you and Haiti.

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