5th Wedding Anniversary

Well, a couple of weekends ago we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Someone said the first 5 are the hardest.  I don’t know about that, but the change in our “single” mentality to our “couple” mentality has taken some work.  Not easy after “ampil”  (lots) time with each of us on our own.

We decided to take a long weekend away from the clinic to celebrate.  Living on top of the clinic can make it a challenge to find any couple or family time.  A friend we’ve made through the AIDS Relief program has access to a beach house about 1 ½ hours from FDN, towards PAP. 

(Matthew’s future friends at the beach house)

We had a great time, talking, reading, devotional time, table games, swimming, catching up on sleep and exploring the area.  We found a little hotel (5 rooms) where we had a wonderful fish dinner for our anniversary.  We were their only customers. 

Then on Sunday we worshiped with the SA outpost in the town.  They were a very lively group of about 30 people, meeting in a small rented house.  Felix gave his testimony and we were warmly received.

We didn’t take Matthew this time but plan to go back this summer with him.  Since we took such a big trip last Nov/Dec we are vacationing “in country” this year.  So, this beach house was a real answer to prayer.

Thanks to those who sent anniversary greetings.  It means a lot to know that others are thinking of us!


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  1. Happy Anniversary!  It doesn’t seem like you’ve been married five years already.  We just celebrated 32 years and yes–it gets easier every year.  We also have become more dependant on each other.  It is very comforting in a way I never could have known in those early years.  I have much more compassion/understanding for those who have lost their lifetime partners.  Thanks for sharing, especially with pictures!

  2. Thanks for your comment.  Yes, I’m going to Australia with the Staff Band and I’ll be able to see Major Shellenberger (Cent. Officer) while I’m there.  Then I’m home for a few weeks and going to visit the mission team that we are sending to Argentina.  We had enough frequent flyer miles that Joe gets to go with me to Argentina, and since we’ll be there we are going to stay an extra week and take some vacation.  We feel so blessed to have the opportunity!
    Looks like you had a great anniversary weekend.  It’s always great to see the pictures on your site.

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