Felix is currently watching World Cup Football from Germany.  He is very grateful for the TV antenna that’s working!

How many ways to say (sing) Thanks?

Matthew has always been musical.  Before he had words, he could hum up to twenty tunes.  So, when it comes to saying “Grace” before we eat, we sing our “Grace”.  It amazes me how many tunes, with just a bit of adjustment (repeating part of a line, filling in with Alelujah or Amen, etc.) we can use to the ol’ standard

God is great, God is good.
Let us (Let’s) thank Him for our food.
(For) By His hand we all are fed.
Give us, Lord, our daily bread.

So far, we have ten tunes that we have discovered:

1.  Happy Birthday
2. Jesus Loves Me
3. London Bridges (2x thru, repeating 2nd ½ of 1st & 3rd line)
4. Frere Jacques (w/ 2 Amens)
5. Jingle Bells (Matthew’s current favorite)
6. Michael Row the Boat (2x thru)
7. Do a Deer (start with “Be present at our table Lord”,  then “God is Good”, finishing up the scale with Alelujah, Alelujah, Amen!)
8. Deck the Halls (with the Fa,la,la’s)
9. Alelujah
10. Amazing Grace

Hey, if you can think of any more, let us know!!


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  1. Good for you!  Sound like you are having lots of fun in your family.  We used to sing grace very often too–in fact, one of our favorite traditions was singing grace at extended family gatherings at Ponderosa during Congress weekend.  This year was the first time none of our children attended.  All had to work during that weekend.  We seemed to have much more time for fellowship with others so it worked out just fine even though I missed them.  Is Matthew reading yet?  He seems very bright and I guess he goes to nursery school already?

  2. I loved visiting your site and reading about your life and ministry!  Thanks for visiting mine!  I hope you’ll come again and drop me a note!  Blessings! ~Pamela

  3. I don’t think we know each other.  I was trained in the west – I was an officer for 15 years.  Now I am a civilian ARC Administrator.  I like the Central and I love the ARC.  I pray my posts are an encouragement to you.  How long have you been in Haiti?  How is it that you came to serve there?  Bye for now…Blessings!

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