God’s Fellow Workers

Candidates Off to Training College – Jamaica

(Candidates with Majors Ron & Carol – our Divisional Leaders)

Well, last weekend (6/25) was the farewell of the 6 candidates (two couples and two single women) from Haiti to the Training College in Jamaica.  Our candidates/cadets go early in order to have some concentrated English language study.  Once classes start in September, everything will be in English.  Most of the candidates only have a rudimentary knowledge of English as French and French Creole are the languages used here in Haiti.  However, they have a lot of “field” experience as most of them have been in charge of a corps or an outpost for at least a year before leaving for Jamaica.

We are more in touch with this year’s group as one of the cadets
 has been working here at the clinic for almost two years.  Gertha grew up at the SA children’s home here in FDN and was a big help to me when I was appointed there in 2001.  And, then she started working with me in the clinic with our finances. 

Last summer, she got married to a fine young man, Marc Eddy.  He was given the responsibility for an outpost, Vialet, about 1 hour from here.  So, she was here in FDN during the week and in Vialet with Marc Eddy for the weekend, leading the Home League (League du Foyer) on Saturday and helping with the meetings on Sunday.  Not easy for newly weds but she did it with grace and commitment.  This is a photo of them at their house (Marc Eddy’
s sister’s house) in FDN.

         (Marc Eddy & Gertha at home in FDN)                 (Gertha’s challenge at clinic farewell)

I’m not sure what we will do without her but I know that she and her husband will be great officers.  Even at her farewell from the clinic, Gertha used the opportunity to challenge her co-workers to follow God closely and to seek His will in all things.

           (Marc Eddy and Gertha after corps farewell)            (Marc Eddy, Gertha, Matthew, Violet & Felix)

We helped them get their luggage to PAP with the clinic truck and then were able to be present at the farewell.

I was surprised that none of the sending corps officers or soldiers were there at the farewell.  Maybe it isn’t something they do here.  However, all of them had family members present.  The Divisional Headquarters arranged a nice dinner for them and their family members after the morning service.  We were privileged to be part of this weekend.

It is difficult to get to Jamaica from here.  It is only a 45 min. flight if you could go directly.  Unfortunately, there are no direct flights anymore.  So, the candidates left Wed. morning by bus (about 4 hours) to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Then on Thursday they were to fly to Panama and then to Kingston, Jamaica!

Please pray for Gertha, Marc Eddy and the other cadets as they begin this new phase in their service for God.


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  1. It is always awesome to hear how God is using you in Haiti!!  I am from USC, actually, I stayed in your house in Peoria way back in 94-95 while you were gone (was dating John Stewart)…I spent Summer of 95 in Jamaica on Summer Service Corps and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!
    We were there for the Commissioning of Cadet…what an awesome day!!!
    Praying for you, your family, your country…

  2. It’s interesting that our territory seems to be (by choice) doing more of what others have done by necessity — having candidates get field experience before going to training. The Midland division has just appointed three sets of lieutenants as ministry interns. Two are single moms who will be at their placements for two years before they enter CFOT. The other is a young couple who needs life experience as well as Salvation Army experience. It’s obviously a little different than your territory putting them in charge of corps, but I think it’s a good idea. So … maybe the rest of the world is catching up to Haiti!

  3. Oh it is so great to see pictures of Gertha and Marc Eddy.  Can you e-mail me their e-mail address, I’d like to say hello but I think I’ve lost it.  Glad you got the stuff.  It is remarkable how fast it got there compared to snail mail!

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