World Cup is Finally Over!  Congrats to Italy

Who would believe that people could play (and watch and agonize over) soccer- excuse me – “football” for a whole month??  Well, today was the final match and it all came down to a penalty shoot out between Italy and France to break the 1-1 tie after 90 minutes of regular play and two 15 min. overtimes.  Each team had five shots at the goal.  Unfortunately for France, one of their shots bounced off the goal post.  Since I have no French genes, my Italian roots say, “Congratulations to Itay”!

Even though the favorite team here in Haiti, Brazil, didn’t make it past the final 8, people were still scrambling to find a place with electricity and a TV to watch the game today.  The neighbors had put tarps over their court yard and were charging admission to watch the games.  Every time I heard cheering from next door I knew that I had just enough time to turn the TV on quickly to catch the replay of a goal.

Unfortunately, for Haiti, the finish of the World Cup means that people will have less hours of electricity (its given more liberally during big events like this) and there will be nothing to distract them from their discontent.   We hope and pray that this will not lead to public disorder.  Pray for peace in Haiti.


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  1. Peace in Haiti will take a miracle!  Almost like asking for peace in the Middle East but we will pray for it because we know the God of Possibilities.
    Did you see the Army’s blog site for the World Cup?  I just found it today and love the pictures of the Army evangelistic team.  I also had fun reading the German which I haven’t had much use for since High School–thirty plus years of non-use.  (Every once in a while, a German phrase from my great grandmother pops up in my mind but it is usually something that cannot be said publicly!)

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