Answer found!  Proclaimers of the Gospel

Well, I found my way onto the USA-South’s webpage which has a link to the CFOT.  There they have a data base of all sessions, names, commissioning programs and photos!  The answer:  “Proclaimers of the Gospel”.  While there I looked up my parents photos in the “Shepherds” session 1953-54.   My, they look so young.  I wonder what has become of all those fresh-looking faces.  It would be interesting to read a little synopsis of their life’s journey following commissioning. 

Recently, I read that one of my session-mates died.  It puts an eternal perspective on what we do.  Also, just finished reading “Deadline” by Randy Alcorn.  He really presented some food for thought…like the saints in heaven are praying for us!  I’ve never thought of that before, but it makes sense that we would continue to communicate in prayer.  “The prayers of a righteous man (person) availeth much”.


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  1. I could have told you that! It’s my parents session.  Too bad I didn’t read your xanga before you went web-searching.  It was a great session…

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