Summer Fun in the Clinic

Well, Matthew finished his 2nd year of kindergarten in June.  Don’t think that means he’s slow…they have 3 years of kindergarten here in Haiti.

Actually, he started early, at 2 yr., 4 mths ’cause we just couldn’t imagine him being content in his “play area” (sounds nicer than play pen) for another year.  The main thing the teacher wanted to know was if he could talk.  Now, I think they wish he didn’t talk so much.  This is how he looked on his first day of school in ’04.

The dilema is what to do with him while school is out.  No day camps or even VBSs to send him to throughout the summer.  He often goes to Bethany Children’s Home to play with his friends there.  He is quite helpful around the house, answering the door, letting us know who wants us and for why, and telling them “L’ap vini!” (She’s coming!) 

He loves to sit with the young people who help out by packaging the medications that will be sold in the pharmacy.  He promises that he won’t “fe dezòd” (cause trouble, be naughty) which lasts for about 10 minutes.  But his friends, Wener, Jerry and Daniela are very patient with him.

One morning Wener had actually shown him how to put the packaged medicines for the TB program in the bags.  This was amazing since Matthew still stuggles with his colors. 
(Green for stop, Red for go, etc.) 

Here is Matthew on his “summer job”.


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