Spiritual Disciplines

Last Sunday Felix preached on the spiritual discipline of fasting.  It made me remember the Richard Foster book Celebration of Discipline that I bought (and never read) years ago.  So while we were relaxing Sunday afternoon I read the chapter on fasting. 

One thing that I noticed was that John Wesley was really committed to fasting and that he required those wanting to be Methodist ministers to regularly fast.  I wondered what Willam Booth felt about the issue since it doesn’t seem to be a big practice in the Army today. Anybody know about this? 

Also, I would like to get some feed back on how fasting is impacting your spiritual journey.  I tried it a bit in college but not since then.  Some people do it when they have really big decisions to make or are really struggling with something.  I’m thinking about giving it a try again and would like to hear from others.

Also, Foster said that when you start fasting, God also starts showing you other areas than food that need to be put in balance. It was right after that I found out that our internet was down.  Was that some kind of message??



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  1. Congratulations on undertaking difficult growth!  I know fasting would be difficult for me, as I do a lot of emotional eating.  Fortunately, chocolate is not one of my weaknesses.  A few years ago, I fasted for a week, Monday morning through Friday evening.  I don’t remember the specific purpose.  Part of the choice to fast was the decision to spend my usual eating times in prayer.  That didn’t work so well, as busy-ness encroached upon the time.  One interesting observation: I didn’t feel hungry until after 3 days.  I figure that says something about how much extra I have stored up in my body!

    A friend from Sunday school has been fasting one day a week for about a year.  He says he has seen some remarkable results, mostly, as you said, with our Lord bringing awareness of other personal areas needing exploration and growth.  His wife supports him by not tempting him on his fasting day, but cannot join him fully due to medication needs.

    I pray God’s blessing on this endeavor.  May we both gain more appropriate attitudes toward food as we strive to live as God’s children.
    – Kathleen Brumbaugh

  2. I was interested to see your comment on fasting.  Jesus said, “When you fast…not if”.  This has been a challenge for me over the years.  I made a committment to fasting about ten years ago.  I fast two meals twice a week.  The thing I have noticed over the years is that I am more spiritually aware of God leading me.  The enemy knows that if he can draw us away from prayer that he can win the battles that we face day to day.  Fasting also helps me have victory over other fleshly desires that are not beneficial or productive in my Christian life.  I will be praying for you as you talk this walk of faith.  I especially enjoy the writings and teaching of Marilyn Hickey.
    Becky Selman

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