Just after I wrote about all our blessings, we lost our internet connection!  It started last Sunday (8/13) and we have found out that our service provider has been transferring accounts from one satelite to another.  Yesterday they told us that they will have to send out a technician to each of 200 clients to manually reposition our satelite dishes and they are starting with their PAP customers!  They said that they may be able to get to us in a week or two!!!  

Fortunately, the cybercafe in our little village is functioning but it means that I come with my flash drive, copy everything that needs attention onto the drive, take notes and watch the clock.  Today Felix dropped Matthew and I off while he went to pick up the electrician that is working on our solar panel connections.  Matthew is entertaining everyone (not sure how much they appreciate his entertainment).

With the time limit, I don’t know how much xanga-ing I will be able to do. But since Felix hasn’t come back yet, I sped read everyone’s posts and even made a couple of comments.  Keep us in your prayers.


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  1. I printed your post about your blessings and we read it (edited, of course) during Worship By Giving (Tithes & Offerings) last Sunday.  The men were greatly interested and like knowing to whom and for what their offerings are going.  Hope your internet connection is connected again soon.  Fasting…I’m interested in the subject, too.  Blessings!

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