So, Honey, what do you want to do for the holiday?

I asked Felix that question on our last holiday (August 15th – Assumption Day–Mary going up into heaven).  He wasn’t sure and neither was I.  Well, it wasn’t long until we found out what we would be doing. 

Our apartment is on the second floor of the clinic, making us accessable to a fault.  Several workmen who had projects going on in the clinic (tiling the lab, putting finishing touches on our new toilet (outhouse-type) building, etc came knocking at the door for one thing or the other.  Three people from the govt. health department stopped by for an unannounced visit, looking for statistical information.  When I questioned why they would come on a holiday when most of the staff is off, their answer was, “Well, we know that The Salvation Army isn’t Catholic so figured that you would be working!”  Amazing!

But, the main thing we did was to rescue the lone worker in the pharmacy.  The cashier declined our request that she work at least until noon to help deal with the people we were pretty sure would come to be seen in the clinic.  As predicted, lots of people came and there was a huge back-up at the pharmacy.  One person just can’t price the medicine, collect the money, look for the items on the prescriptions and then explain how to take the medicines to the people.  Felix went over first and then, when I saw that the line was not diminshing at all, I went over.  It has been nearly two years since I helped in the pharmacy so I’m not sure how much help I was.  I finally suggested that the pharmacy worker do the pricing of the meds since she knows the prices by heart, I would try to find as many of the items as possible and then Felix could give the meds to the patients.  Some how, four hours later all of the over 120 patients had been seen.

What a fun way to spend our holiday!  NOT!  At least we were being useful and had an opportunity to face a challenge together.  Here are a couple of photos from that day.


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  1. Always a problem living on the building or very close to it.  Good attitude, though.  I’m sure you were very helpful to those who needed their meds.  Also, loved the rationale for the workers!  Thanks for sharing the interesting tidbits about yourself, too.  Interesting that you liked “Sleeping with the Enemy” – sad, but intrigueing story.  Thanks for all your continue to do.  Blessings on you and your family and ministry.  Hope you get some time off soon.

  2. Thanks for praying Cassandra she is doing much better, she has been back to school for a week now. They are doing a wonderful job as parents. 
    I pray you had a good day of worship today, especially after a crazy holiday. Sometime we think we are so tired and we don’t know if you can go on, but we find the strength and go on, and by reading you blog I challenged to do a little more than I think I can do.
    You are in my prayers, Lee Ann

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