Hello from Antigua!

Hi, everyone.  I haven’t much time left after checking our e-mails for a week but I wanted to give a brief update.

Our flights from PAP to Santo Domingo to Antigua on the 7th went very well.  One snag was in Sto. Dom. at the security check-in.  They kept all of Felix’s personal hygiene items (toothpaste, roll on, etc) that were in his carry-on.  I thought that they had eased up on this restriction and only wished that we had been told at the check in counter since we could have checked his bag.  Oh well, live and learn.

The first weekend ended up being the official installation of the Divisional leaders here in Antigua (Antigua has just been made a division, with the inclusion of St. Maartin).  The new Territorial leaders, Comms. Houghton from England, were here for the installation and conducted an officers councils.  We were privileged to be invited to attend.  They will be coming to Haiti in November.  We stayed at the Sunshine Home and were present for the dedication of the new van.  The one I got in ’97 has served well but was needing to be replaced.  I think that it will continue to serve at the main corps in St. John’s.

Then, on Saturday 9/9 we moved to Antigua Village, a hotel on the beach, thanks to a time share switch give to us by my parents.  Our week was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!  The room was a studio with a kitchen, on ground level by the parking lot, making it very convenient.  My friend, Andrea, who runs the time share office gave us beach toys for Matthew, alcohol for my ear, and helped us line up a sitter for Matthew when we took a day trip to a little island for sun, sand and snorkeling. (I even saw a big sea turtle while snorkeling!)  She also has lent us her extra car so we have transportation.  Then, on Saturday, she made arrangements so that we could stay as long as we wanted so we spent more time at the beach and in the pool.  The AV pool was being totally redone but they made arrangements at the neighboring hotel to use their pool.  This pool was surrounded by a lovely garden and became Matthew’s favorite place.  We liked it too, ’cause it was a nice place to read while Matthew played on the broad steps into the pool.

 We are now back at the Sunshine Home.  Felix preached today at the main corps in St. John’s  Last Monday night I did a presentation at the Home League and I might do the HL in St. John’s on Wed. 

Please pray that Felix will get his passport renewed in time.  We submitted the paper work the first Fri we were here and checked again on this past Friday.  They said to check on Wed, 9/20 which is the day before we travel.  I’m guessing that we will be checking on Mon and Tues to keep the pressure on them.

We’ve been able to make contact with a lot of our friends here.  I’m trying to see several of my “old” girls.  We went and saw Felix’s medical school and saw one of his old teachers, one of his classmates who is now on staff and made contact with the head of the new nursing dept.  She might even be sending some money from her youth group to sponsor a child or two!  PTL!  Then, we were able to see the mother of one of my girls who was tragically murdered in July, 2004.  We were able to remanence about Collette and it was good to hear that they had become close in the last year before her death.  We were able to pray together before we left.

We leave on the 21st and will pass a couple of nights in Sto. Dom.  Hope my rusty Spanish will help us get through!

Hasta luego. 


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