Felix got his passport!

Just wanted to let you know that Felix was able to pick up his new Antiguan passport today around noon! We are so glad that it was done in time so that we wouldn’t have the additional cost and concern of changing all of our flight plans.  We leave tomorrow/today (Thursday) at 10am.  Keep us in your prayers.


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  1. I know what you’re talking about. It IS hard to be a parent! The big questions are easy. It’s the little things that trip me up every time. I guess I was thinking about what I read more than I usually do because Emma has really gotten into the whole fantasy genre and I’m not altogether sure that all of it is okay. It’s hard, though, because I want her to read (which she does ALL the time — wonder where she got that from!) but I also want to help her learn some discernment too. It gets tricky sometimes.

  2. His xanga is SAWorld. He’s still learning how to use it but I think it’s interesting. Enjoy 🙂

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