Vacation in Review

Well, the Antigua trip is now just a memory.  In thinking how best to share the highlights, I’ve decided to try to identify one significant
memory from each day of the trip.  So…here it goes….

Sept. 6  in Port-au-Prince, Matthew thoroughly enjoying his first time of pushing a child-size grocery cart through a crowded grocery store (with me constantly saying, “Watch out, don’t run into anybody!  Sorry!”)
Sept. 7  The big differences after one short plane ride to the Dominican Republic: modern city, language barrier.
Sept. 8  Matthew trying to speak in Creole to the kids at the SA daycare in St. John’s, Antigua.  Don’t all kids speak Creole??
Sept. 9  Meeting the new TC’s for the Caribbean and seeing the new Sunshine Home van dedicated
Sept. 10  Cost of living difference btwn Haiti and Antigua: price for sandwiches & french fries in Antigua was the same as for a full course fish dinner in Haiti
Sept. 11  Reflections on 9/11
Sept. 12  Trying to teach Matthew to blow bubbles and hold his breath in the pool
Sept. 13  Relaxation!
Sept. 14  Trip to tiny Prickly Pear Island and snorkeling with a large sea turtle
Sept. 15  Being able to connect with the mother of one of my Sunshine Home girls who was murdered in ’04
Sept. 16  Family time at the pool on our relaxed, last day at the hotel, Antigua Village
Sept. 17  Felix’s sermon on obedience – better than sacrifice (Samuel confronts King Saul with the sound of bleating sheep)
Sept. 18  Wonderful dinner with Judge and Mrs. Georges (Felix knew them from his eye glass business and I from taking my girls to High Court!)
Sept. 19  People still ranting about Felix’s marvelous Foo Foo after 15 years!  (Foo Foo is a staple African dish that is found also in many of the Caribbean islands under various names: Fungi, Tomtom)
Sept. 20  FELIX’S PASSPORT IS FINALLY READY!  Getting to spend one-on-one time with one of my former girls, Latoya.
Sept. 21  God’s provision of people to help us in Santo Domingo with the language barrier.
Sept. 22  Beautiful morning in the hotel pool with Matthew while Felix shopped for the clinic’s lab.  Getting to meet Capts. Gochez, the new commanding officers in the Dom. Republic.
Sept. 23  Flying back to Haiti in a VERY small plane with 8 passengers where they not only needed the weight of your luggage but also your personal weight before you could board!

We were really blessed to be able to make this trip and to see so many of our friends.  Thanks for all who made it possible and who prayed for us during the trip.  Check out the photos on the photo log.



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  1. I flew in one of those little planes once where we all had to tell our body weight before we boarded. Which was kind of scary because I know everyone lied. Well, okay, I’ll admit I might have fudged a little, but it was a ballpark figure …

  2. Those are great photos. No, aunt jan doesn’t have a xanga. she isn’t part of the cool crowd yet – just kidding 🙂

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