I have so many entries ruminating in my head, it’s hard to decide which one to post….


                      1st day, K1 2004                               1st day, K3  2006            
Well, school is in full swing again, just over a month.  With our change in vacation plans, Matthew went to school two days and then he was out for 14 school days.  Not an easy way to get back into the routine.  His teacher has commented on the trouble he is having catching up and she has been trying to spend some time with him. This is not easy with a classroom of about 25 4 and 5 year olds.  I appreciate her efforts.

One challenge is Matthew’s writing.  He would much rather run around and play than put his pencil to the paper to form his letters.  He hasn’t gotten much further than forming “Madame A” and “Chiffre 1”.  The only time he wants to do his “homework” is when its time for him to go to bed (a great stall technique).  One thing that is very different here is that the children learn from the beginning to write in cursive!  So, they learn to read printed letters but write in cursive.  When I was a kid, we didn’t do that until 3rd grade.  Tonight I found a font on the computer that was in cursive and typed out all the letters.  He was able to identify several of them which is a beginning.

The other challenge is that they are learning French.  Matthew is fluent in Creole (simplified French with some additional vocabulary) and English (American version “Hey, guys!”).  Felix and I can converse in both but when it comes to French, we are limited in how we can help him, even with things as ordinary as the names of the fingers (le pouce, l’index, le major, etc.).  I told his teacher that I guess I will just have to learn it along with Matthew!   

Here’s a shot of the classroom with Madame Yvonne (Matthew is standing at the left end of bench near the window) and Matthew with his first teacher (r) Mme. Helene and his current teacher (l) Mme. Yvonne.



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