Listen, anyone out there on SKYPE?  We just bought a phone for the computer and signed up with SKYPE.  This means that we can call other computer SKYPE people for free.  If you let me know you are with SKYPE. I can add you to my calling list or you can probably find us by seaching for “violet”.

I also think that we can call Yahoo! people through their computer for free, too.  Any calls to traditional phones can be made at a very reasonable rate.  I just tried it out with my parents and it was a fairly good connection.

We are also needing to know if people would want to call us if we got a US-based number.  Then you would only have to pay the charges to call to that area (we would probably choose a NC number).  There is an annual fee that we would pay so we need to know if anyone would call before we make this decision. 

So, we’re looking for your feedback.


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  1. I don’t do anything with junior church at our corps  – I know Laura Allan does the Toddler Sunday school class and she may have left over materials. She’s really creative! I think Kristin may teach the 4-5 year olds so she may have some too. Hope that helps!

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