I’ve been encouraged by ArmyBonnet’s activity lately and am trying to fit some exersize into my schedule.  (Also didn’t like the last few photos of me.)  Working and living at the same place means that the most I do each day is walk between sections of the clinic, looking for people.  What I’ve decided to try, after dropping Matthew off at school (which is across the street), is to walk for ten minutes one way and then come back.  It worked well the last two days and I will be trying out different directions.  The lady who cooks for us said that when the paths dry up a bit, she will walk with me into the countryside, showing me some of the side paths.  That will be fun.  There aren’t too many people around here that walk for the fun of it…they walk because they have to (to school, to market, to bring water back to their houses, etc.)


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  1. I always enjoy your Matthew stories!  Thanks for sharing.  I’m going to try walking outdoors more too and adding prayer as I walk by the homes of our neighbors.  We’ve lived here nearly five years and only know a few of them a little bit.  Most of the children walking by to school just think we are police/firemen, etc..  It’s hard to find regular time to walk but I’m going to try.  I can’t believe how much weight I’ve put on since this appointment and I sure don’t like it.  Keep the faith and your joy as you serve in challenging circumstances.  We do pray for you often.

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