Matthew and Felix playing football (soccer) with a bottle cover.  Love to see the boys play.


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  1. Cute Picture.Doesnt he have a football??? If not let me know..I am sure I can come up with a football or send you the money to get him one…Yes I am serious. Good for you on exercise. Oh and  on the outhouse..I know whats that like too so I shouldnt complain. During the 2 weeks following Hurricane Charley in Aug.2004; the city had all these “portablepotties” all around so  people could use them. UGH they were nasty; but when you gotta go.. you use them. I had a bag I carried in my car for those occasions; where I carried; toilet paper; paper towels; disinfectent and hand santizer. People laughed at me at first; but next thing you know they were asking if they could borrow my  bag; before they made one of those trips. ha Have a good week.

  2. Ohh ok ..OH and you were my inspiration. I really didnt feel like walking today and normally dont on Sunday; but after you mentioning me on your last post..I thought ..Shoot I need to WALK ..espcially after eating some McDonald’s nuggets and some fries, I blew it so  I needed to walk it off. Some times you just long for something off the diet. Back on target tomorrow though.Have a good week,

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