Recently we were priviledged to be part of the dedication of a new corps building in the small village of Vialet.  This is the same place Gertha and Marc Eddy were pastoring as candidates before they went to training in July.  Below is the journal article written by our DC, Major Ron B.  Since he “took the words right out of my mouth”  I decided to paste it here.  Enjoy!  (Thanks to the Southern Territory for making this possible.)  P.S.  If you want to read more of Major’s Haiti journals, you can find them on The Salvation Army Southern Territory webpage at 

It’s About People                           

Vialet is a small community two hours south of Port au Prince on the national highway.  About ten years ago an outpost was opened under the supervision of the Petit Goave corps. Over the years the outpost has shown slow but steady growth.  A small house was rented for the meetings and leadership was provided by soldiers from Petit Goave and local people.

In 2005, the USA Southterritory offered $25,000 US for an undesignated project in Haiti.  Four outposts were possible locations for a new building, but Vialet was the only place where land could be bought and a building constructed for that amount.

On 1 October 2006, the new building was dedicated in Vialet.  The day started with a March of Witness from the old building to the new building. Lt. Colonels Sydney and Trypheme McK., represented Caribbean Territorial Headquarters and Captain Pierre S. represented USA Southern Territory.  The Fond des Negres band and the Petit Goave choir also participated.


Captain Edgard D., a newly commissioned officer appointed in July 2006, asked if it would be appropriate to conduct an enrollment during the service. On dedication Sunday in Vialet thirteen new senior soldiers professed their faith in Christ and their desire to serve Him in The Salvation Army providing the perfect object lesson for the people to realize that buildings are not the church…the church is people.

We are thankful for the generosity of those who make buildings possible.  They provide stability for the work, but they are secondary to the primary focus.

 It’s about people…..


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  1. What an awesome sight all of that must have been.  It is good to see God’s workings in the area & it’s people!  God bless as you all continue to do His work – you’re in our prayers!

  2. I could’ve swore while I was there it was spelled Violette.  Is it the same place as I went to for home league every week with Major Zimmerman?  I love that place…

  3. Praise the Lord. Great Testimony. Oh and We know Capt P. S. We were jist at his Corps for a meeting about a month ago.

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