God’s Blessings on Wheels

(l to r  Felix, Violet, Mrs. Major. Lucienne, Major Wilfred in the corps compound)

When we got back from vacation in September, the vehicle that we had on order since the end of June was finally ready to be picked up.  The funds for it were provided from our grant with Bush’s “Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief”  (PEPFAR) which is providing anti-retro viral therapy to about 16 third-world countries, including Haiti.  One area of emphasis is strict adherence to the daily regime of taking the various medications.  We have various levels of support for our 450 patients on the program.  This support involves a lot of home visitation and will soon include regional support groups, instead of all the patients having to travel to the clinic for the monthly meetings.  To do this, we needed a four-wheel drive vehicle that can take the staff and food staples to strategic locations throughout the southern peninsula of Haiti.  Felix received delivery of the new Toyota Land Cruiser Sept. 25th and we were able to dedicate it a few weeks later after church.  Our CO, Major A. asked the members of the “League de Charite” (League of Mercy) to join together to ask God’s blessings and protection over the vehicle as it enters into God’s  service. 


To God be  the Glory!

Also, we were able to install a state-of-the-art security system on it so that it can be tracked by satellite and the security office will know immediately if someone is using it without authorization!  Very much a necessity here in Haiti where carjackings are common.

Only 11½ years to go! 


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  1. Very nice. I know it will make the ministry there much easier for getting around. I celebrate the blessing with you.

  2. That’s awesome!  We sure take things for granted in the states don’t we?  God bless you and you’re always in our prayers!  Take care!

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