“Today….What are you doing with Today?”

The abrupt death of Capt. Scott and the many comments that have been written got me thinking along this line and I preached on it today at the Guirand corps.  The people could really relate to Scott’s passing since an officer here died very unexpectly last July after his second Sunday in his new corps, leaving behind his wife and three children under 8 yrs. of age.  They had been stationed at the children’s home here prior to my appointment there in 2001.

What has God provided for us today?

TODAY:    God provides a remedy for our sin and separation from His presence.
Luke 2:11  “Today in the town of David, a savior has been born to you.  He is Christ, the Lord”

TODAY:   God provides for our physical needs, our interpersonal relationships, our spiritual direction.  Luke 11:2 “Give us this day our daily bread”…Give us this day forgiveness.  Give us this day guidance to avoid temptation.  Give us this day deliverance from evil….

TODAY:   God offers us a choice….obedience that leads to salvation.  Luke 19:9  “Today, salvation has come into this house…”  Zacchaeus chose to respond to Jesus’ call and ended up a changed man!

TODAY:   God promises us Heaven.  Luke 23:43  “Today, you will be with me in Paradise”

Choose you this day whom you will serve.  Today is the day of salvation! 

Use the time you have today to put things right between you and God, between you and your family members, between you and those worshiping with you, and those in your community.  We have only today.

We sing a chorus here to the tune of “In Moments Like These”  It goes…..

Si jodi a m’ vivan, se gras a ou, san ou senyè mwen pa anyen (repeat)
If I am living today, it’s by Your grace.  Without You, Lord, I’m not anything
M’ap leve mèn m anlè pou m adore w.  Met a jenou nan pye w pou m pwostène m
I lift my hands up to adore You.  I kneel at Your feet, prostrate before You.
Kite vwa mwen reve devan twòn ou.  Vin etable rwayom ou (repeat)
Let my voice come before Your throne. Come, establish Your kingdom.

(Any translation errors are completely my responsibility.  Please let me know of any corrections that need to be made.)


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  1. Hello!  We tried calling your friends here, but it must be a day-time number.  I need to remember to bring their number back with me to work tomorrow and try from here.  We’d love to meet them and help any way we can.  Very nice to hear from you!

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