“Do not forget to do good and to share with others”

It isn’t easy to be surrounded by need all the time.  Some people here feel that the only reason “missionaries” are here is to give hand outs.  Too often I get irritated with the irresponsible behavior (having many children without marriage or means to provide for them) and tell them we have no program to help beyond what we can do at the clinic. 

Today, while I was walking, two school girls (about 12 yrs old) were practicing the standard amount of English that they learn here on me.  “Good morning.”  “Give me a dollar”  “I am hungry”.  I basically told them in kreole, that they had parents and they should tell them that they are hungry.  “If you were my child, it would be my responsibility, but you are not.”  Hard not to get cynical but when this kind of conversation is repeated over and over, what else can be said.  I have to really pray that my heart doesn’t get too hard and that I am ready to help when God really wants me to.

Like last Saturday, when I was preparing my sermon.  A young mother knocked on our door, carrying her sick 4 mth old child.  She was from one of the worst slums in PAP and just decided to leave….no plan, no family, no knowledge of the area.  A police officer helped her get a “ru lib”  (free ride) out of town and she ended up staying with people she met on the bus about an hour from our clinic.  After a lot of back and forth questioning of her motives and rationale (none), Felix authorized her to see the doctor for free and found the medication for her that the doctor prescribed.  While I was fuming over her inexplicable behavior (she could easily have gone to the SA clinic in PAP where they know her), my eyes fell a verse in the Bible, Hebrews 13:16  “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such scrifices God is pleased.”  Ouch! 

So, my tone softened. I got to know her a bit better and I got up and made her a fried egg and tomato sandwich with juice, got out a bowl and towel (reminded me of my session name – Servants of God) and served her.  We also gave her a bit of money for the bus ride back so she wouldn’t have to look for another “ru lib”.  Don’t know if I will see her again but was glad God was so direct in His word to me.  Keep praying for us that we will have discernment in these situations.


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  1. That seems to be an area where Satan works on all of us.  There are so many who abuse the privileges that so many others need.  We have a free clinic here in Rochester, and so many of our clients qualify for state insurance, but choose not to enroll, because there is a small monthly fee, and they can get what they need for free from TSA.  And we are already overwhelmed with the amount of people that we serve–we wish there were some way to force them to get the Minnesota insurance.  Then we could serve the “truly needy”.
    I had a staff person tell me one time that I was “Jaded”.  I pray quite frequently that God will work in my life so that others will see me as “giving” and not “jaded”.

  2. Thank you for the reminder…it’s so true when you’re surrounded by those in need, hinting, asking, expecting,,,that you begin to respond without first considering if God has something He wants to share.  Certainly none of us want to be taken advantage of, but even worse is to say “no” when God has a reason for us to say “yes”.  I’m sure I’ve disappointed Him by a number of my responses…but I love your response to the teens and somehow I think God’s smiling at that one too! 

  3. That is hilarious and the really funny thing is the first girl’s name is Kyla – he wasn’t too far off 🙂

  4. I have both of those books. I gained sooooo much from Celebration of Discipline. I attended a class at Trevecca Nazarene University, the text that we read centered on the disciplines. I gained much from that book and the class itself. I was given the Mary/Martha book but have yet to read it.
    Thanks for the imput

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