Congress of the West – Haiti  Nov 3 – 6, 2006
Port-au-Prince Corps

We were just privileged to participate in the congress weekend for the “Western Section” of Haiti.  Our division has 35 corps and 26 outposts.  Since there would be too many people for one congress, the congress was limited to soldiers in the central section of Haiti that we call “the West”.  We met at the main corps in PAP, with the delegates sleeping in the Sal. Army school that is located in the compound.  The corps was packed for all of the meetings.  Each corps group presented special music.  The PAP corps led the praise & worship for each meeting and everyone, young and old, enthusiastically participated. 

The special guests were our new territorial leaders, Commissioners Raymond and Judith H., coming from the UK.
They built on the territorial theme:  “Together, Building Tomorrow, Today” and challenged us to be careful how we build and to build on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ.  We build His kingdom through our influence, our relationships and our daily witness.  We are the temple of God so we must be clean, holy people in all areas of our lives.  On Sunday, we were reminded that this work of building is for God – that we are God’s Fellow Workers. 

The altar area was not large enough to contain all those who sought the Lord for the strength and power to live lives worthy of our calling and to build for the Lord the kind of building that will stand the test of time.  Commissioner Ray’s one regret was that, due to the language barrier, he was unable to personally minister to the soldiers and officers who came forward.  He prayed for them in their midst.

One big surprise for everyone was the presentation of the Order of the Founder to Major Catherine Pacquette.  She is originally from Dominica in the Caribbean.  Upon commissioning in 1950, she was sent to Haiti to help with the pioneering work that had just begun.  She has worked in Haiti her entire career and chose to remain in Haiti following her retirement from active service in 1984.  She is such a blessing to many!

After our time with the Nigerian Formed Police Unit on Thursday, Felix thought it would be good to invite them to attend the Sunday service, especially since the message would be given in English, translated into Creole.  What a surprise we had when 16 of the force was able to come.  They joined right in with the praise and worship with Felix and I trying to translate the choruses as we sang.  We all had a wonderful time worshiping God together.

The final part of the congress was Officers’ Councils on Monday.  Again, we were privileged to sit under the ministry of Commissioner Ray and Judith.  It was a sacred moment when Commissioner Ray commissioned Steve and Ketsia D. as Lieutenants.  This was the formal recognition in the presence of all the officers of the rank they have had for a couple of months now.  They are doing a great job at Masion du Bonheur (the children’s home in PAP).


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  1. I feel SO BLESSED to know that the numberless and sacrificial contributions of a Caribbean officer is finally being recognized by the international Army. Mjr Pacquette has been an inspiration to all and may this OF serve as a means of encouragement to other Caribbean officers and soldiers to continue to live and serve sacrificially! 

  2. yes, only one Vavle but they still cut him in  5 different places. two pretty good size too. Thanks for the prayers. and thanks for sharing the  pictures.

  3. Nou komanse sonnen kloche pou cheche lajan wiken sa.  Mwen pa konnen kote map kompe.  Mwen pral di ou le mwen konnen. Mwen kontan wap sevi diksyone konye a.  Se pi fasil mwen li.  Diksyone pi bon net mwen jwen poutan se lib “Creole Made Easy”.  Men li pa bon.  Kek mo nan Bib la pa la.  Mwen pa renmen sa.  M’ale.  Se le pou’m ale domi.  pi ta.

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