UPDATE: 11/21

Fedna is still not doing well.  She was making some vocalization this morning but didn’t have the strength to sit up while they were getting her dressed.  None of our lab tests revealed the cause of her problem (i.e. malaria, typhoid, etc.).  Her older sister has come from PAP and, working with Capt. Paulone, admin. of the children’s home, we have sent Fedna and her sister to a hospital in PAP
with our new vehicle.  I assured the sister that there are many people praying for Fedna.  Thanks for lifting them up.


Xanga Friends:  Please pray for Fedna, age 17, one of the children at Bethany Children’s Home.  They brought her to the clinic yesterday with siezures.  She is a special friend of Matthew’s so we stopped to see her this morning before he went to school.  She is on IV’s and has been unresponsive since yesterday.  I will keep you updated on her situation.


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  1. Fedna is at the top of my prayer list, and the request is being sent to a fairly large women’s internet prayer circle as soon as I finish this message.  Blessings!

  2. What a beautiful girl!  Please know that not only will we be praying for her but for Matthew also!  God bless and take care!

  3. RYC Glad you were able to use the Thanksgiving story. Must be hard to explain Thanksgiving to others. 
    Okay so I am a little slow. . . I have visited your site before but I didn’t realize that I knew you. I didn’t know you had a son. I remember hearing that you got married . . . Time flies.
    I don’t know if you remember me . . . In fact I doubt you remember me. we met at THQ just before you moved overseas. At the time I was dating Mike Dixon and I met you through his mom Kathy Hovelman.
    Thought you might be interested i knowing that Kathy has a Xanga. Nana 60. She is very new to Xanga. I am sure she would love knowing you are on here.
    I plan to subscribe to you. God bless you, your family, and the ministry you have.

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