Don’t befriend your food!

I recently wrote how, a couple of years ago, we were given a live turkey for Christmas dinner and I made a point of not getting to know it so I could eat it later.  Well, I didn’t know that the above principle applied to vegetables as well.  I was in need of a pumpkin to cook for Felix’ birthday dinner today so I reached for the one we decorated with a marker face for Matthew for Halloween.   Well, when I told him I was going to cook it for dinner, he cried, grabbed the pumpkin and ran, saying, “But he’s my friend!”    Fortunately we had another one and the pumpkin souffle turned out great.  I just substituted pumpkin for sweet potato in another recipe and it worked.


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  1. hey….that is neat that we have so much in common…yes my mother in law is here and she is hilarious and one of the nicest people i have ever met….are you also from nigeria or just ur husband..happy turkey day!!!!!

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