Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner

Wednesday was Felix’ BD so I had planned to have Mayotte cook big Wednesday and wasn’t going to do anything special on Thursday.  I mentioned that to our DC and  Major Ron said that’s no excuse not to feast two days!  Felix agreed with him 100%.  Now, you have to realize we have no real grocery stores out here and they only have market on Tuesdays and Fridays in our little town.  So Felix decided to have our driver take Mayotte early on TG day to the market about 20 min from here, to look for a LIVE turkey, bring it back, pluck it, kill it, clean it, cook it along with all the fixings!  What a task.  Her search was successful, as was her cooking, and everything was ready by 5 pm. 

Turkey  Before…………….and…………..after (note Matthew’s pumpkin friend and turkey feathers in the background)

The one hitch was that we had invited our friend, Major Emmi, a retired Swiss officer who lives about 20 min from us to come for dinner.  It had rained all
afternoon and when the driver got near her house he saw that the little stream had overflowed it’s banks and covered the small bridge, making it impossible to pass.  It was a let down when he returned with the sad news.  However, Felix was not deterred.  He went back with the driver about two hours later and was able to get over the bridge and through the slippery mud to pick up Major Emmi (or Nana to Matthew).  We were so thankful to be able to share our feast with Nana as well as a take home plate for the driver.

A song comes to mind….

“Over the river and through the mud to Nana’s house we go. 
With four-wheel drive and a steady nerve we will get through!” 

Felix carves up the turkey wearing new BD shirt from Antigua

For devotions I read the story of the pilgrims and their struggles and thankfulness for their very survival.  Then each of us took turns telling five things we were thankful for and we couldn’t repeat what someone else said.  I didn’t think that Matthew would be able to participate much but he did great.  Here are our answers:

Matthew:  Dad, Santa, Snow, Toy Cars & Trucks, Buildings, God
Felix:  Health, my Son, my Wife, God’s Call, the Holy Spirit
Nana:  Friends, Jesus & Salvation, Work, Strength, Family back in Switzerland
Violet:  Family, the Food and Mayotte Who Prepared It, Overseas Service (where   I met my husband), School (after school had been closed two day ’cause of the rain), Purpose in Life. 

I trust all of your Thanksgiving celebrations were filled with thankfulness for all of God’s MANY blessings!  Pray for us as we pray for you.


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  1. wow..that looked so good it made me  No I don’t know how it is distrubeted but it is a good idea. Have a great Sunday.

  2. This sounds like a very good TG.  I’m glad that you enjoyed it and that your friend was able to get to your house for it.  It’s always good to have friends there to share a special day with family.  Thank you for the comment.  It brightened my day a little bit more since it got dark at 4:45 pm.  But that’s ok.  I appreciate your prayers and you are also in my family’s prayers, specifically my own. 

  3. Just wanted to check in and see if there is any more news on Fedna.  Tell Matthew I will be sure to post some snow pics when we get our first big one!  Take care~  Blessings!

  4. The turkey looked good.  Thanks for your note on my site.  Will try to keep in touch better now.  God bless.  Today we decorated DHQ for Christmas and it is late and I’m getting caught up on personal stuff.  Blessings! 

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