Fedna is better!

For those who’ve been praying I wanted to give you an update.  Fedna was taken to PAP to a hospital last week.  While she was there, she responded well to the medication given and was soon discharged to the care of her sister.  She is still in PAP and Capt. Paulone (administrator of Bethany Children’s Home) will be going to pick her up.  They plan to consult with a specialist to try to identify the cause of her seizures and the best way to respond quickly when/if they occur.  Once they can let us know what kind of medication is best for her, we will try to keep it on hand.

I have appreciated knowing that you all were out there praying for Fedna.  Thanks, friends!


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  1. Thanks so much for the update!  Such good news!  God is good!  I’ll continue praying for her – how many children do you have at the children’s home?  God bless and give her a hug for me!  ~Blessings, Kathy

  2. hey how are you!!! just checking in..my mother in law is too funny…she is a great person!!! although i have been eating so much nigerian food i think i need a hamburger lol!!!! take care!
    karissa awosika

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