Back in FDN

Just wanted to let you guys know that we are back from our trip to Cap Haitian.  We did it in two days, driving 8 hours on Thursday to PAP.  Felix used Friday to shop for medicines for the clinic, I edited a programatic report for one of our AIDS programs and Matthew played with the Maison du Bonheur children.  We spent Fri. night in PAP and then left around 2 pm today, getting home at 5:30.  Good news: Felix was able to buy two gas/electric fridges from UNICEF for US$700 each.  The other ones we prices were way over $1,000 and these have locking doors and thermometers built into the doors which make them perfect for keeping the medication in them.  We are so grateful that we were finally able to buy them. 

Two weeks, two days, to Christmas eve!  I was hoping to get the Christmas decorations up today but since we got home late I guess it will wait until tomorrow.  Got some Christmas gifts from the family through SA visitors who came down.  Unfortunately, our Christmas cards didn’t get to Brian in time so now it looks like they will be Epiphany cards.  Anyone coming to Haiti before Christmas?? 


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