Matthew and I got the house decorated this afternoon.  It was fun watching his 4 yr old excitement as we opened the boxes with decorations.  The first thing he wanted to put up was the Nativity set.  Each figure was, “Who’s this one, Mommy?”  He had Joseph and one of the Wise Men talking to each other, “Where’s Baby Jesus?  We don’t see him anywhere!”  It was too cute. 

We found a few lights for the tree and since we have generator power this year we will use them sparingly.  We only have a little (4′) artificial tree but it looks nice in gold and red ornaments (pine cones, balls, beads, a few metal french horns, etc).
Only thing missing are the gifts under the tree.  We’ve gotten a few from family in the states but they aren’t wrapped yet.  I told Matthew that he just has to wait a bit. 

I still have to find time to put together our Christmas letter.  Maybe tonight.  I was going to use a compliation of some of my blogs but that turned out to be 20 pages long!  No one will be up to reading that.  So, I have to whittle it down to 3 pages.  Won’t be easy.


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  1. Christmas is such fun through the eyes and ears and comments of a child!  Last night the Singing company at Dearborn did the program and at the end there was a living Nativty complete with the newest infant in the Corps.  What a sight.  Merry Christmas and we are so thankful God sent His Son.

  2. Glad you have your decorations up and that you let Matthew help.  Our children were not good decorators but they sure loved helping.  I used to leave things the way they put them to make sure I didn’t discourage their attempts.  Now I get to do it all myself and generally enjoy it all myself.  I really need to have some friends over!
    Belmont has been closed for about two years.  The whole building was quickly torn down but nothing has been built there yet.  It will probably be condos as that is a very yuppie area these days.  There are a few old faithfuls still around—Ruth Beebe, Brigadier Phillips, Emma and Doris.  The division tried to consolidate it with the Hispanic corps but it didn’t work and then they tried a Russian ministry which was just beginning to grow (they later tried to move that ministry to Des Plaines but only a few people stayed).  The division sold the building to pay off big time debts.  I sure wish they could have done things differently.
    Do you have bells/kettles there?  I suppose the poverty level is too high for it to be practical?  Maybe there are government laws against fund raising too???  How about a Christmas pageant–do your children have lines to memorize or costumes to wear?  I am enjoying learning about your people.

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