Any Computer Whizzes Out There?

I don’t know what happened, but yesterday when I opened up MS 2000 Word, all of the menus and toolbars were gone!  All I have is a blank page with the rule bars on the sides of the page.  I checked the helps feature but they said to restore a toolbar click on “tools” which is part of the menu bar that is gone.  I can only do things with the document if I can remember the CTRL + commands (i.e. CTRL + P for print).

So far, I have tried removing MS Office and reloading it, but it didn’t change anything.  I also turned off the computer, prayed over it and hoped that it would just as mysteriously be “healed” today (no such luck or grace).  The other MS programs (Excel, Powerpoint) are working fine which is a Godsend since we are having a financial review from the AIDS Relief consortium and I would be in BIG TROUBLE if Excel chose to do the same thing.

Any suggestions out there????  HELP!!


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  1. The picture of my kids was at Peoria Citadel when they sang for some Christmas program.  They hardly look like this today.  Jared’s 6’3″ and Erin looks like a grown model.

  2. Well, the IT guy in another division once suggested I take my computer out to the parking lot and back the van over it a couple of times. It’s kinda drastic, but …

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