Christmas Cards in the Mail and Staff Christmas Gifts Bought!

Hi, Friends!  After a couple of very late nights, the mega Christmas Letter was finished and e-mailed Tuesday to our US newsletter helper in Peoria.  The photo cards had already been sent to her by my sister.  Amazingly enough, Phyllis was able to get 200 cards addressed and in the mail that same afternoon!  Now, I just sent it out electronically to 73 people who weren’t on the “real” letter list.  Glad that that’s done.  Here’s the card for those of you I don’t have an address for.  (The letter was a compilation of many of my blogs, so if you’ve been reading my site already, you’ve basically read the Chr. letter.

Then, today I went with Mayotte to Miragoane, a nearby port town.  They get many ships coming in with containers of merchandise so you can find a lot of good buys there without having to go all the way to PAP.  I was in search of affordable, useful Christmas gifts for the 120 people on the clinic staff.  We didn’t buy gifts last year since we weren’t here (we were in Nigeria with Felix’ family).  I was surprised at the increase of some prices but on the whole, I was able to get what I was looking for at a good price (ave gift price US$2.50!).  I bought umbrellas, thermoses, stacking food storage bowls, sets of 4 glasses, sets of 4 plates, perfume, large glass serving platters and clocks.  We will wrap them tomorrow.  The party won’t be until next week since some of the staff was in a seminar this week. 

It was fun to get out of the clinic for a few hours and shop!  I even picked up a few things for the family, including a stuffed Barney and a set of small racing cars for Matthew.


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  1. Your photo is my absolute favorite one this year! Our kids loved it too. They were asking lots of questions about you and your family and Haiti. Luckily, I had the massive newsletter so I could give them lots of answers! Emma was particularly interested in Matthew having to learn cursive from the beginning. She’s still kind of struggling with her own cursive, so she couldn’t imaging having to start earlier.
    I made a good start at my Christmas cards, but somewhere in the middle of the list I lost steam. Now I still have a stack to do and Christmas is only a couple of days away. It may or may not happen, but I do wish you a merry Christmas, with or without the card. Hope you have a great, restful holiday with your family.

  2. My mom actually made that cowgirl costume!  She’d be flattered that you liked that one the best.  My bunny’s name is Pumpkin.  She’s getting really big.  Have a merry Christmas-I’m so excited!  Christmas is my favorite time of year:)

  3. Hey!  hope your Christmas was wonderful!  It’s really funny because, with all of the anxiety leading up to the day regarding separation from family and freinds, God gave me SUCH a blessed day and the separation was not really an issue!  He put me with exactly who I needed to be with for it to really feel like Christmas (like you were talking about – What makes it Christmas?  It’s all about remembering what we’re celebrating, not what the weather is like or whether our traditions are being followed.).  I hope you guys are getting some “Christmas detox” time and enjoying the “afterglow”!  God Bless!  Erin

  4. Isn’t it so strange as a Christian American to think that people can forget Christmas? 🙂  I need to put the shoe on the other foot:  the Buddhists here just as well may get annoyed when I’m not reverant on their monthly Poya Days (full moon days)!  To me, it’s just a day that I’d have off if I worked someplace else (other than a children’s home)!  I prayed for you and your family this morning, and I hope everything is going well!
    God Bless!

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