So, it’s been awhile….

Someone asked where I’ve been.  Well, I was trying to get through Christmas (86 Christmas parcels to pack!  Thanks to Mayotte) for Christmas Day distribution in the clinic and post-Christmas staff Christmas party 12/27 (wrapping 120 gifts!  Thanks to Mayotte!).  Of course, for those of you with massive Christmas efforts, that probably doesn’t sound like anything to even break a sweat over. 

Then we took our last week of vacation from 12/31 – 1/7 at the OMS guest house (left the clinic at 7 pm got into the guest house just before 10 pm – a 75 mile drive, too tired to stay up to ring in the new year!) and then a beach house in Grand Goave for the last 5 days, getting back just in time to receive a “scouting” team from WMNI.  Now its back to work…and I’m coming down with a cold and Matthew was sick this morning…never a dull moment on the “mission field”.  Have recently been figuring out how to make computer phone calls and had a wonderful conversation with some dear friends in St. Louis.  Boy do I miss those guys!

When I get a chance to download my Christmas and vacation pics I will give you a brief update on how things went for Christmas and vacation.  Until then, pray for us as I pray for you.


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  1. Hope you and Matthew are feeling better!  A lot of viruses and such going around here – it’s that time of year!  Take care and I’ll be praying for you all!  Blessings!

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