Christmas is back in the box. 

One of the parts of Christmas I hate the most is having to take down the decorations.  The house just seems so “blah” after that.  Yesterday, Matthew and I tackled the job.  Of course, we don’t have that many decorations so it isn’t as big a job as my Aunt Dot’s “House of Christmas” must be.  This year I made a point of separating our decorations from the house’s (clinic’s) decorations.  One new addition to our collection is a new set of glass plates with Christmas trees and matching mugs from our DC. 

We had one accident with the nativity set (mine of 20+ yrs).  The donkey didn’t survive Matthew sliding it down the stable roof.  I looked on line last night on Ebay to see if there was a way of finding my set and replacing one donkey.  It wasn’t a successful search.  The crazy glue didn’t even begin to stick the pieces back together.  Maybe when I’m in the States later this year I can find the right kind of glue.  The pieces have been wrapped and stored with the rest of the pieces.

The first piece that Matthew put away was the baby Jesus so I used that opportunity to tell him that although this Jesus was gone, the real Jesus is always with us.  So, I have to remember that as well…Christmas needs to live in our hearts all year long.


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