Photo Essay – Part two

SA Educational Programs in Fond-des-Negres

One of the first programs that was offered in FDN in the early ’50’s when the SA began ministry in Haiti was educational programs.  The early officers found that it was difficult to disciple their congregation when few adults or children could read or write.  Now the SA has a primary school with over 640 students, of which Matthew is one.

(Anne and her teacher)                          (Anne and the other girls in the 3rd grade)

(Matthew on the right and his friend, Wedson)

At the clinic we have a Saturday morning literacy class for adults.  Currently we have about 30 students who come each week.  Mr. H. faithfully comes to teach them and their progress is good.  I joined them for their “end of term” session and watched as the students, who previously could not read, read their Bibles, sang solos from their hymn books and confidently went to the chalk board to sound out the sentences put there by their teacher.  I was asked to say a few words so I asked them what are the benefits of learning to read and write.  Among the answers were these: to be able to sign my name, to be able to read the price of something I am buying to sell, to be able to give someone a receipt in my selling business, to be able to help my children in school and to know what’s in the note the teacher sends home with them.  I encouraged each of them to bring someone new with them when the school re-opens in January so that more will benefit from this free program.

Literacy Class at Bethel Clinic

        (Students, normal expression for photos)            (Come on guys, smile, aren’t you happy?)

Another educational program we have at the clinic is the “Child to Child Program”.  This is a weekly, after school program that teaches children basic health, first aid and nutritional information that they can then use as they care for their younger brothers and sisters.  They earn “badges” for each topic which are hand embroidered by one of our staff members. It is a three year program and 18 young people “graduated” in December.

Child to Child Graduation – Dec. 06


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  1. Great programs and great witness as to the ways God is using the Army!  Hope all are well – we are just trying to stay warm!  Blessings to you and yours!

  2. I am so pleased to see your blog! My husband and I have thought of officership in missionary work, for so many years. I just love reading about how God is using the Army in your field. What a blessing!

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