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Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile.  I discovered Yahoo! Answers one night when I wanted to find out how to put the buttons back on our upholstered couch cushions and now I’m having fun asking all the questions I never knew who to ask and am amazed at all the questions I can answer (like what is Haiti’s biome — what is a biome?? My Answer: Neotropic).  You should check it out.

I’ll try to post a bit later in the week after I get caught up on the work that has piled up while Felix and I were at an AIDS Relief week-long planning meeting….That’s another whole story in itself!  (right up there with the rat that died under our oven when I was cooking pizza Sunday night… eek!)


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  1. The crystals DID grow … finally and not really very spectacularly, but enough to finish the science fair project. Tonight is the actual exhibition of the projects, so think happy thoughts for us. This year has been a huge struggle for Emma, with several teacher conference and many tears. Hopefully, the science fair project will boost her confidence a bit.

  2. Saw a picture of you, husband and Matthew on our corps bulletin board.  I was proud to tell my husband and we write to each other.  Your family are in our prayers – because of Xanga – good site to encourage such a thing.   I know you are from Chicago – we are related to Brig. Gunnar and Esther Erickson – do you know them.  You probably know a lot of people we know.  You are now part of our family.

  3. Got your comment.  This morning I passed along new photo you submitted to the people who update the website.  It should be updated in the next week or so.  Thanks for reminding me the old picture was still up!

  4. hello! thank you for your comment! as i’m sure you can tell, i’m verrrrry excited to be going to haiti this summer! 😀 thanks for the info on “creole made easy.” i would definitely like to learn some before going. it will be nice to get to know you a little before the summer. god bless you! ❤ sarah

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