Photo Essay Four – Christmas Day Family Activities

This year we made time for family after the activities in the clinic were wrapped up. Our friend, Major Emmi (retired Swiss officer) had invited us over for Christmas dinner.  Due to some confusion as to what day “Christmas dinner” was to be on (apparently Chr. Dinner in Switzerland is on the 24th not the 25th) we ended up going to Emmi’s both days!  She had a visitor from Australia, someone who had done an extended mission stay here about 20 years ago.  It was good to get to know David and to hear his perspectives on the development of our programs.

we got back home in the evening we opened our presents.  “Santa”
surprised Matthew by dropping off Barney while we were gone.  He
noticed Barney right away with the other gifts when we returned.  It
was fun to be part of his

 He received “Lighting McQueen” pj’s from Uncle Bob and Aunt Rae so he was a very happy camper when he finally went to bed Christmas night.  He also received some pretty cool underwear with racing cars, construction trucks, and fire trucks on them.  Now he wants to change his clothes all the time.  I’m just glad he hasn’t
been showing off his new underwear to everyone at school.




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  1. We have one of oursoldiers that has a house in Haiti and wants to give it to the SA. Not sure where it is; but a lady lives in there and she wants her out since she hasnt paid in over 4 years; so she wants to give it to the SA. Not sure how  the SA would get her to leave the house is a problem/ ANYWAY..when I get the details of the house and where it is I wi;ll send it on over. Enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Okay, I used baby oil first….didn’t work spectacularly.  Then I used “Goo Gone”.  Worked, but still messy.  I think my best bet would have been to cut the stuff out!

  3. Enjoyed your pics!  Especially that sleeping little guy all cuddled up with Barney!  Too precious!  Know that you’re in my prayers!  Take care & GB!

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