Photo Essay Three – Christmas in the Clinic

Each Christmas we have a special Christmas devotional time with the patients and their family members in the clinic and in the TB Sanatorium.  After that food parcels are distributed to each patient (60 this year).  The corps band comes and provides music and I get to play along with them.  The corps LOM (League de Charity) receives 25 parcels to distribute to shut-ins.  Here are the pictures from December, ’06

Capt. Felix presents the Christmas Gospel to patients & families    Member of Patient’s family sings a beautiful solo

  Beautiful smile on one of our young patients              Dr. Belony visits with an elderly patient

Capt. Felix and LOM member box Chr. Parcels              Maj. Violet and FDN corps band at TB Sanatorium


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  1. I LOVED looking at your pictures and reading your posts.  (It’s Sarah (Fultz) Nelson here…)  I was just thinking…isn’t it about that time of year when you’re supposed to come pick me up and take me to the Hope Center so I can assemble Easter Eggs/Baskets?  (Stretch your mind back about 18 years or so!)  What an amazing journey God has led you on!  I’m so glad you can tell all about it on Xanga.  My husband, daughter and I are doing very well in Atlanta.  Dan (my husband) is a cadet and I am on staff at the training school.  We’re all very happy to be where we are.  I’ll peek in on you from time to time… 
    Grace and peace    ~ Sarah

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