Valentine Activities

So, in keeping with others’posts, I will tell you what we did for Valentine’s Day.  My day started with finding breakfast already made when I got up!  What a blessing!  It meant that I was able to get Matthew to school on time today (unfortunately, not an every day occurance.)

I wanted to do something special for Matthew’s K class.  Its not a big holiday here, but I did verify with his teacher ahead of time to know if they even celebrate it at all and if so, how.  Madame Yvonne said that she talks a little about the day with the kids.  I told her that I would bring a treat for Matthew’s class (35 children).  With Mayotte’s help, 60 heart-shaped cookies (Bonbon Katrins) were made.

I found some pretty Hallmark heart stickers in my gift wrap box so that’s what we took this morning.  There were enough heart stickers for each child in all of the 6 kindergarten classes to get one for their uniform (probably about 180 children).   I also gave cookies and stickers to Matthew’s friends: Max, Woodlin, Wedson, Mayotte, Daniella, Joseline and Mrs. A.

The rest of the day was spent trying to edit a AIDS annual program report that has to go to Norway.  We have been having computer virus problems lately.  Everytime I put in the AIDS program coordinator’s flash drive into my computer, the virus protection program deletes the infected files…no options of quarantine or anything…just zap! and all his work is gone!  This time, at least 6 files were deleted.  (Its a good thing that’s not how we handle people with viruses…zap…you’re gone!  No questions asked!)  Poor Noel! He worked all night last night re-typing it.  Then, my computer zapped his new copy!  Very fortunately, he had a copy saved on the laptop and I worked from that copy. Hopefully its not infected and will be able to be sent to Norway tomorrow.

For my honey, I asked Mayotte to cook a special dinner…grilled beef, oven roasted vegetables, pumpkin souffle and a few banan pese just in case anyone was still hungry.  The night isn’t over yet so I’m hoping for maybe a movie together and then ???

Matthew and I have this bedtime routine that the last thing I say is, “Mommy loves you! Daddy loves you! And Jesus loves you!” Tonight I asked, “Who loves you the most?  He said, without hesitation, “Jesus!!”  Then he asked, “Will tomorrow be Valentine’s Day too?”  When I said no, he started to cry.  Maybe one day just isn’t enough to tell people you love them.  What do you think? 



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  1. Every day should be valentine’s day!  Mmmmm…everything sounds so good!  Have a great day tomorrow!  Blessings to you!

  2. I agree that one day isn’t enough to tell people you love them!  Those cookies look absolutely delicious.  I’m sure Matthew’s class enjoyed them.  Does he like Kindergarten?  What is he like?  It sounds like you had an eventful V-day and sounds like, overall, it was good. except for the virus thing which is a little bit unfortunate.  Anyways, I hope all is well, you and your family are in my prayers!

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