Easter War Cry  –  Be sure to get your copy!

Thanks to the encouragement of SACatherine’s Mom, I submitted one of my xanga entries to the SA USA War Cry and I hear that it is in the Easter War Cry.  I haven’t seen it yet but a team coming down in March is supposed to bring me a few copies.

Thanks, Xanga family!


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  1. WOW thats great. I will be sure to look for it and save it so you can autograph it for me someday., :   )

  2. RYC:  Oh, please watch it again – the music is so beautiful.  I wrote that post during the DVD – the end of the story is that Katelyn was sobbing – she was very dissatisfied with the ending.  She feels Christine should have stayed with the Phantom! 

  3. I agree! What a sad love triangle. How could it have actually been resolved? The Phantom realizing that he can’t force his love on anybody? He had invested himself into Christine and she was connected in some kind of mystical way. But was it love? Wasn’t he more like a mentor or muse to her? What does that poster say, “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.”

  4. LOL  That’s okay…spell check said my daughter’s name was spelled wrong and I didn’t catch one of the spellings…but I’ve corrected it, but leave it to my friend Brian to have pointed it out.  Silly ME, I didn’t even catch it!  Anyway, yes, terrible love triangle.  Maybe it would have worked had Christine stayed with him.  Love conquers all, you know, unconditional love, etc.???

  5. RYC:  Mass transport scares me to death!  One of the gals at the office takes the train 1.5 hours just to get to work, with at least one transfer.  I cannot even imagine!

  6. Hi Violet – I worked with Rae and Bob in the Twin Cities (what seems a million years ago) and I would hear about the adventures in Haiti second hand – now I can hear them straight from you. Glad you joined Xangaland.

  7. A kid like that ought to be in movies!  Maybe someone will write a book about your life someday and it will be turned into a movie.  You are one of God’s great women and we pray for you (and your family) often.

  8. Violet – I should have made my xanga name: “SA Catherine’s Mom.”  I think I saw a copy of the Easter War Cry on campus already. I will check it out tomorrow. Blessings!

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