Last year Felix and I were able to use a friend’s beach house for our anniversary weekend.  We were able to go back at the beginning of the year for a few days, this time with Matthew.  This was a real blessing since funds are limited to go many places, even to a low cost guest house.  Matthew had a built-in playmate, named Icare (pronounced EE-ka which is cute since the short version of Matthew’s first name is Ike –  EE-kay).  Icare’s younger brother, Ken, showed up the last couple of days we were there to add to the fun.

Matthew & Icare and our castle creation                        Ken & Icare

As you can see, the house is right on the beach.  Icare’s grandmother was available to keep things tidy and we had her cook us one big meal of fresh fried fish, rice & beans and veggies.  The house has a simple kitchen and a modern bathroom (flush toilet, shower, running water).  However, there is no electricity to the house and we couldn’t figure out how to use the inverter that was to work off of our truck.  We had plenty of kerosene lamps and we needed to get to bed early any way.  It was a very restful time.

Felix had to go to PAP one of the vacation days but he was forgiven when he brought back a package from my brother Randy containing some Christmas presents.  There were two big bags of M&M’s which we have used to help Matthew with his color recognition, sorting skills and “more & less” concepts.  I also managed to hold some back to use in “Bonbon Katrins” cookies.  Yummy!  Matthew was thrilled to get another set of PJ’s featuring “Lightening McQueen” and “Doc” from the movie “Cars”.  As I have mentioned, it is his new, all-time favorite movie, right up there with “101 Dalmatians II – Patch’s London Adventure”.  Here he’s posing with his new PJ’s and his dalmatian puppy.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing the article.  Hopefully there will be a copy of it at the Tom Seay Center when I arrive on Monday, if not, I’ll get one from the corps.  Always love hearing about your life, family, and ministry.  You’ve been a great encouragement to me. 

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