Learning to write cursive!

It’s been a VERY busy week!  We have had visitors from Norway  reviewing one of our programs that helps children from AIDS families continue to attend school.  The team of three (SA Major, a doctor and PhD nurse) were interested in everything, asking very detailed questions.  They visited several of the homes and attended a community mobilization session held in a nearby church with over 300 people in attendance.  They listened to the community outreach staff and helped in the training sessions for the staff.  They stayed at a nearby hotel so I only was responsible for organizing their main meal each day.  Matthew helped by entertaining them when we were busy attending to the staff needs.

Also, at the same time, it was time to prepare staff salaries and try to get everything wrapped up for the end of the AIDS Relief fiscal year.  I’m still working on this.

And tonight, I worked with Matthew on his writing skills.  His teacher had sent home a paper with about 10 letters he should be able to do.  We worked our way through the second half of the alphabet (had done the first half about 2 weeks ago) and then focused on the letters from school.  It has been so long since I actually wrote all my letters properly in cursive that I had to check them out in his school book. LOL!  Guess what his best letters are…that he can actually do on his own after tracing my example??? 

 j y  f v w !         

Not back for a four+ year old!  Gotta git.  Love yall!   


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