When It Rains, It Pours (and not only Morton Salt!)

I see that it has been a while since I updated – 2 weeks to be exact.  Life has been a bit hectic around here.  First of all, Feb. 28th was the end of our fiscal year for our US govt. funded AIDS Relief program.  This meant that all the expenses for the year had to be calculated and posted to the account, with all the receipts in place.  We then would be told when the consortium finance team would come to verify all our records, correct any problems and give the “go ahead” for next year’s funding.

In the midst of that preparation, one (of two) of the finance staff gave her month’s notice, with her last day being March 23rd.  So, we started looking around for people to interview for the position.  Without much trouble, we received four resumes and conducted the interviews and made our selection.  Samuel will be starting this week on a part time basis until he finishes up a seminar he is taking. 

We were supposed to have a little farewell party for Rocksande on
Wednesday but that didn’t work out and neither did the time we set for Thursday.  Finally, I invited
her to eat lunch with us on Friday and gave her her gift and had a chance to pray with her.  We had hoped that the new
person would start this week but, with all that we had going it is
probably a good thing he didn’t.  I don’t think that we would have had
time to even say “Hello” let alone get him properly orientated.

Then, on top of that, our long-awaited visit from the WMNI service team happened.  We had the privileged of having a team of 9 officers/soldiers here in FDN for nearly a week (3/19 – 25).  While they were specifically working at Bethany Children’s Home, the clinic was providing transportation back and forth to the hotel where they were staying. 

We were blessed to have one of the team staying here in order to work with us in the area of finance.  Margaret helped me better understand accounting procedures and principles (after all, I’m a trained social worker, not an accountant!) and to get the clinic books on “QuickBooks”.  She also spent two days with our staff getting the other AIDS programs on “QuickBooks”.  This was challenging because it entailed speaking in three languages…French, English and Accounting!    Margaret fit right in and Matthew enjoyed
having a new friend to

Margaret trying to make sense of our “system”

And, on top of that, one of our doctors quit unexpectedly at the same time our Medical Director was at a week-long seminar.  We had a doctor come out to interview for the position and we were able to get her to stay the week to fill in and to better understand what she would be doing if she was given the job.  She stayed in one of our staff rooms but joined us for meals.  (The more the merrier, right?)

Then, on top of that,  the consortium team e-mailed and said that they would be here on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning to conduct the review. They were complimentary, saying that
the records are kept in good order, making it easier for them to go
through all of the receipts.  I finished up the second part of the bank
reconciliations for the quarter as well as a review of the salaries in
order to explain the ups and downs.  We were able to produce documentation for all but one of our budget variances and I will be working on the remaining one this week.

 After they left, we were able to go with the team to the beach on Saturday along with our Divisional Commander.  The heavy downpour we were having in FDN didn’t deter the team and on faith we headed to the beach about 30 min. from here.  As we drove. we saw patches of blue sky and by the time we reached the beach the rain had stopped.  Even though we didn’t have a bright, sunshiny day, the water was warm, waves fun and fellowship sweet.  Thanks, Father!

The team ready to head to the beach from their hotel

Today was a nice day, with the team participating in the worship service.  I’ve started playing in the band again, and that was fun.  Rich and Brenda (the team leaders and session mates of mine) team preached and it was good to hear the message in English. 

The team today after church with Capt Paulonne and Major Saul at Bethany

After they got on their way back to PAP, Felix, Matthew and I just relaxed at home during another thunderstorm that actually brought hail to FDN.  Next week is payroll and time to bear down and work on the clinic books.  Also, there are my personal taxes to calculate and get submitted.  Hopefully, though, things won’t be as hectic as last week.

Thanks for those of you who were praying, ’cause there were many moments last week when I was ready to throw up my hands and say “NO MORE!!!”  But, I didn’t and here I am on the other side of the rapids. 

God is good…all the time…God is good!



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  1. Wow!  Hope you get to slow down soon sister!  Yes, it’s silver star mom – my daughter is an officer – A_Ray1982….that’s her!  Don’t worry, you aren’t the first to think it was sylvesters mom lol!  Hugs to Matthew!  Blessings to you all!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Been thinking about you. Praying that God will continue to Bless your Ministry.

  3. What a great, interesting and informative post!  Good to hear from you, but you do need to slow down a bit!  Blessing on you and your family for your service. 

  4. Wow sounds like a lot has happend….you know Cpt. Brian was my pastor when i was in La Crosse, WI…he is on the team there how neat is that tell him Karissa said hi!!! Thanks for the tip on the backpack..that would be very helpful before i get on the plane but what about after..how do you avoid all those glares when she wants to get down and run??? Have a great day!!
    Karissa and Raven

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