Can a four-year-old boy have PMS??  He sure acts like it from time to time, LOL! 


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  1. We served in Port Arthur, Texas for a  1 1/2  have too.:  ) We also are  friends with the Longino  family. Jackie  L. ( daugther of Jim & Jane) has been  one of my Best friends  since I was a teen. We still keep in  touch by email. And we   know the other Longino family as well. Small world isnt it ; that some way or another  we all connect somehow.

  2. PMS—Papa & Mama Smiles!
    Will the Easter bunny visit the children?  We always told our children the truth about Santa and the Easter bunny.  We told them that we played the Santa and bunny games but emphasized that Jesus was for real.  All three seem to have grasped the difference easily and we sure had lots of fun and blessings together.  So many memories of those days still make us smile yet today.  I hope you are taking lots of pictures too and recordings of his little child voice (I wish we’d done more).
    Hope you have a great Resurrection Sunday and celebrate the joy of our Lord with your people on the island.

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