Where did Abraham offer up Isaac as a sacrifice?

Ok, this is something I just noticed in my reading of Genesis.  I had always heard (and accepted) that the place where the temple was and the Dome of the Rock is is on the site where Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice.  However, if this is so, wasn’t there already the town of Salem at that location?  It was years before this incident that Abram paid tithe to Melchizedek, the priest of Salem.  I’ve never pictured Abraham treking up to a city with the wood and all and then finding a ram in the thicket.  The Bible actually just says in the region of Moriah and some Bible scholars feel that it was in the mountain range near Shechem. 

Has anyone else wondered about this?

Have a blessed Easter week!


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  1. Good question…let me ponder….
    In the meantime, thanks for your note.  Sorry that life is still so busy and hectic for you.  It doesn’t feel like a normal Holy Week for me yet, either, but Thursday the corps is having communion and prayer and then a Good Friday service on Friday, also Sonrise service on Sunday morning, but I will not be able to attend that.  Hoping that with these events it will feel more like Holy Week.  It’s so strange not being at the ARC where these events were very special and carefully observed.  Can’t imagine dying 100 Easter eggs.  Hope you’re able to do this as it sounds fun, relaxing and will make for a warm memory.
    Praying for you…

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I’m so very excited. It’s the first time I’ve been published outside TSA. Well, I’ve been published several times in a Mexican magazine too, but only because my aunt knew the editor and hooked me up. 😛 And this is the first time I’ve been paid! It’s awesome.I’m going to email you pretty soon…a few more questions have come up. Expect to hear from me!

  3. I love hearing kid’s perspective of such adult topics.  Talk about child-like faith!  Your Matthew sounds very spiritually sensitive.  What a blessing.

  4. RYC:  The boy next door continues to be a pest but the teacher and principal and busdriver all know what he can be like and they keep him in check.  His family went to Florida for spring break and are still there…peace in our time, O Lord!

  5. RYC:  Oh – and I’ve discovered a great series on CD called “The Isabelle Dalhuasy Mysteries”.  You’re right – it really helps pass the time.  CDs, good music or just quiet time with the Lord…it all helps make the commute better.

  6. Happy Easter. The Youth of our Divison was encouarged to “collect change for a Change”. The money raised for this year from the youth of the divison will be used for filteration system for all the Salvation Army  there. Good project.

  7. RYC:  The chorus that your grandfather I had learned in Alaska when I was with my Cadet Brigade.  We sang it in English until we got to the last part, which we sang in Tlingket.  Here’s the phonetics:  Gu-nish-chees- ho-ho.  I can’t remember what “Gu-nish-chees” means, though. 
    Do you remember this one?  “He sends the rainbow, the lovely rainbow.  He send the rainbow with the rain.  He sends the sunshine upon the shadows, He send the rainbow with the rain.”  As a kid, I loved the hand motions.
    Another one is “And the rain came down in torrents, the rain came down in torrents, the rain came down in torrents, and only 8 were saved.”  I lived in Inglewood, CA when I first learned that song, which was right next door to Torrance, CA and I always thought we were singing “And the rain came down in Torrance”!!  Silly me!

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